Ascent Virginia is a statewide volunteer network made up of people in all walks of life. These volunteers include people working as economic and workforce development professionals; as entrepreneurs and managers in technology companies; as researchers and teachers in universities; as municipal officials; and as elected leaders in local and state government.

Some of our volunteers are concerned citizens who simply want to help their communities become better places to live and work. All of these volunteers share a vision of Virginia as a prosperous commonwealth in every sense of the word.

The Ascent Virginia volunteer network offers an avenue for mutual assistance and collaboration through sustained engagement, dialog and action.

  • We act as facilitators and connectors across the state and work collaboratively with local organizations.

  • When needed, we seek out resources, expertise and information on best practices, drawing on insights from successes throughout the network.

  • We endeavor to grow the clean tech and sustainable agriculture, forestry and outdoor recreation sectors of Virginia. Our work also sets the foundation for job growth and economic opportunity in other sectors.

Connect Us with Your Community


The most important assistance you can provide to Ascent Virginia right now is to connect us with people in your area you think we need to talk to about bringing clean technology businesses and jobs to Virginia. They might be educators, business or nonprofit leaders, elected officials or any person of influence in any walk of life with a stake in your community’s prosperity.

By connecting us with these people, you help us begin a dialogue that can lead to a partnership meant to bring businesses, jobs and training to areas that need them most. We want clean technology jobs for Virginians because those jobs pay well and stay put. But getting them in the first place will take extraordinary coordination across the entire community and across the state.


We invite you to contact us to share the names of those in your community you believe we should start a conversation with. Contact us by phone, email or regular mail as follows:


Ascent Virginia

1536 N. Scott St.

Arlington, VA 22209


Phone: (703) 828-5034